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Alpacas for Sale

Lindago Farms ~ Go Beautiful !!

Raising alpacas is a happy, rewarding lifestyle which can be made more satisfying with experienced guidance. Keith and Linda work with new owners before and after purchase to insure a successful transition.

If you are new to alpaca farming and would like support Lindago Farms can help!! We offer boarding facilities, show experience, practical and aesthetic knowledge, supportive networking and information in all aspects/areas.

Our alpacas that are sold are placed into new barns utilizing the Buddy System. Placing two or more compatible alpacas into the new environment offers a smoother transition for the alpacas rather than placing an individual animal. Having a familiar friend/buddy to be with calms and balances the group ultimately resulting in a healthier, happier herd.

Current offerings:
Alpaca Name:Formal NiteDOB:05/04/2006
ARI#:30624993Sex:Male/GeldingColor:True Black
Sire:Snowmass Midnight ObsessionDam:All Out Formal
Fiber Characteristics:Subtle crimp, soft handle, loose structure, luster
Personality:Guard alpaca, nice, calm, respectful
Comments:Easy to handle; pet quality; can be placed with males or females
Recommended Companions:Zephyr, Blazer, Azul and/or D'Artagnan
Alpaca Name:IAOC EnyaDOB:08/30/2004
Sire:Cperuvian Accoyo ArcticDam:IAOC Valerie
Fiber Characteristics:Dense, bright-white, bold Accoyo crimp
Personality:The Grand Dam of our barn
Comments:One of our original foundation females; Should no longer be bred for medical reasons
Recommended Companions:Azure and/or Vegas
Alpaca Name:Lindago's AzulDOB:06/07/2008
ARI#:31041126Sex:Male/GeldingColor:Lt. Fawn
Sire:MFI Peruvian SeabrookDam:IAOC Enya
Fiber Characteristics:Fine, long, beautiful crimp, luster
Personality:Azul's presence quietly stabilizes the barn, loveable, easy going
Comments:Fleece is excellent for handspinning and fiber arts; outstanding handle and softness; everyone loves Azul' fiber; received ribbons in halter class and fiber shows; can be placed with males or females
Recommended Companions:Blazer
Alpaca Name:Lindago's AzureDOB:06/06/2009
Sire:Accoyo American TalismanDam:IAOC Enya
Fiber Characteristics:dense, pronounced crimp, bright-white, fine, good coverage
Personality:Quiet, unassuming, sensitive, easy going
Comments:Solid Accoyo genetic background; Azure enjoys socializing with her mother; potential foundation female
Recommended Companions:Enya and /or Neshota
Alpaca Name:Lindago's Blue ChipDOB:05/29/2007
Sire:Snowmaster's Royal ExtremeDam:IAOC Enya
Fiber Characteristics:Extremely dense, bright-white, bold crimp, soft
Personality:Confident, proud
Comments:Working herdsire- known to pass on his density, crimp, luster and brightness to offspring; strong male presence; has received ribbons in halter class and fiber shows
Recommended Companions:Azul
Alpaca Name:Lindago's D'ArlaDOB:06/11/2012
ARI#:31561747Sex:FemaleColor:White with Lt. Fawn
Sire:Lindago's D'ArtagnanDam:Lola
Fiber Characteristics:Great staple length, lofty, loose structure, nice handle
Personality:Curious, playful, intelligent, sense of humor
Comments:Fleece is excellent for handspinning; received ribbon for halter class show; potential foundation female
Recommended Companions:Neshota, Vegas, Azure, Enya and/or Lola
Alpaca Name:Lindago's D'ArtagnanDOB:06/12/2009
ARI#:31561709Sex:MaleColor:Med. Fawn
Sire:JJA Royal AdonisDam:Lindago's Las Vegas
Fiber Characteristics:Nice coverage, dense, good staple length, fine
Personality:Intelligent, has a sense of humor, respectful, mild-mannered
Comments:Working herdsire - known to pass on his finess, staple length and good looks to his offspring; received blue ribbon in halter show, masculine appearance, powerful presence in show ring
Recommended Companions:Blazer and/or Zephyr
Alpaca Name:Lindago's Las VegasDOB:07/28/2005
ARI#:20020156Sex:FemaleColor:Dk brown
Sire:Snowmass BoleroDam:WLA Magic
Fiber Characteristics:subtle crimp, good coverage, beautiful color
Personality:Kind natured, intelligent, teacher, inquisitive
Comments:One of our original foundation females; Black ears, face and feet make Vegas a striking animal; received ribbons in halter class shows; Vegas is a companion to everyone in the barn; should no longer be bred for medical reasons
Recommended Companions:Izzy, Enya and/or Lola
Alpaca Name:Lindago's Star BlazerDOB:06/01/2008
ARI#:31041133Sex:Male/GeldingColor:Lt. Brown
Sire:Snowmass Royal StarDam:Lindago's Las Vegas
Fiber Characteristics:good staple length, subtle crimp; very good fiber producer
Personality:highly intelligent, assertive, a leader, good personality
Comments:Gets along well with others; pet quality fiber male; received ribbon in halter class and fiber shows; fun to spend time with; can be placed with males or females
Recommended Companions:Azul
Alpaca Name:Lindago's ZephyrDOB:06/13/2010
ARI#:31041096Sex:Male/GeldingColor:Bay Black
Sire:MFI Jerichos Peruvian Black ThunderDam:Lindago's Las Vegas
Fiber Characteristics:Good staple length, crimpy, good coverage, fine
Personality:Sweet, inquisitive, gentle, seeks gentle human contact
Comments:Black face and feet make Zephyr especially attractive; received ribbons in halter show classes; pet quality fiber male; medical allergy; can be placed with males or females
Recommended Companions:Blazer, D'Artagnan, Azul and/or Nite
Alpaca Name:LolaDOB:07/09/2001
Sire:Bolivian ChieftainDam:Bolivian Charlina Importu98
Fiber Characteristics:good for felt making; takes dye well
Personality:Strong mothering/breeding instincts, wry sense of humor
Comments:Hardy genetics direct from Bolivia; potential foundation female with considerations; Lola is our barn manager; does not like dogs
Recommended Companions:Vegas, Enya and/or D'Arla
Alpaca Name:NeshotaDOB:09/17/2010
Sire:Regal's Echo SpendorDam:Lola
Fiber Characteristics:Long staple length, dense, has luster, fine
Personality:Very pleasant, respectful
Comments:Diverse genetic background; this girl has it all; currently pregnant - due 6/2014; easy to handle; potential foundation female
Recommended Companions:Azure and/or D'Arla
Alpaca Name:XA Hershey's IsabelDOB:07/01/2008
ARI#:31070300Sex:FemaleColor:Dk. Silver Grey
Sire:Baron Van HersheyDam:Silvo's Greystone
Fiber Characteristics:Crimpy, fine, great handle, nice luster, beautiful color
Personality:Kind natured, respectful, calm and balanced
Comments:Izzy has many significant ribbons from halter and fleece shows including Judge's Choice and Color Championship banner; very easy to handle; currently pregnant - due 6/2014; foundation female with outstanding mothering instincts
Recommended Companions:

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