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Lindago Farms ~ Go Beautiful !!


For your convenience the Fiber Store is open by appointment. Just call 920-729-4990!

Classes are held periodically at the farm for individuals and small groups. See Events page.

Please call 920-729-4990 for fiber products, farm tours, alpaca farm day camp, art lessons, manure, & upcoming events!

You are invited to take time for yourself and your artistic interests; bring ideas and a sketchbook to our quiet, supportive environment for exploring and/or assistance. Art lessons are available.

To learn about Alpaca Farming or to get on this spring's Shearing schedule call Keith.

For information regarding Essential Oils, to sign up for Art lessons or Alpaca Summer Day Camp call Linda.

Fleece and Fiber Products - all our homemade products start with 100% locally harvested alpaca fiber :-)

Prices are listed however we are not set up to sell on-line at this time. Please contact us directly and let us know what your needs are... we can help! If we don’t have it, we probably know someone who does.

  • Full fleeces-unprocessed, raw fiber
  • Roving
  • Batting
  • Yarns
  • Felt

Homemade Products

  • Alpaca Ears---like Mickey Mouse ears but alpaca ear shape-- made with felt from our own herd.
  • Foot Felts—Shoe/Boot Liners for inside winter gear. Liners are made with natural alpaca felt and provide extra warmth where it's needed most.
  • Pet Beds --- Original design created by Linda; recycled t-shirts reconstructed, filled with alpaca fiber, topped with flannel and polar fleece.
  • Greeting Cards--- Cards featuring our alpacas in their natural setting and Art cards showcasing original artwork. All cards are blank inside providing space for your own message. Sold individually or in sets.
  • Alpaca 'Beans' ---aka Manure-- for gardening. Safe to use directly on vegetable gardens and flower beds. Chemical-free. Sold by the bucket or the trailer full. Great stuff--- just ask our neighbors!

Manufactured Products

  • Socks—4 varieties
  • Mittens/Gloves/Glittens
  • Hats/Scarfs
  • Leg/Arm Warmers
  • Teddy Bears
  • Zephyr Halters-Available soon- Endorsed by Marty McGee Bennett and Camelydynamics training

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