Top 10 Reasons Alpacas Spit!

1.  Don’t even think about touching my cria…or any other cria, for that matter.

2.  I know an ultrasound wand when I see one, and that’s one.  Further more, I remember the person carrying it.

3.  You gave her the grain first again!  Damn you!

4.  Teats??  You want to check my what?

5.  Panacur manicure…go away!

6.Hey girls!  The farm visitors want to kiss!  What an opportunity!

7.  I’m pregnant and you looked at me the wrong way.

8.  Arrgh!  I’m sure I can get her to go down if you’d only give me another 20 minutes…

9.  Don’t tell me it’s time for a hair cut again.  My bangs are just getting to where I like them!

10.  The toenails?!  Not the toenails!!  It has taken me 6 months to grow these out!!