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Why Alpacas?

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Alpaca Facts Fleece Facts
Alpacas are: Pleasant, curious animals!! Alpaca fleece is: Stronger, finer, warmer than sheep wool!!
Environmentally friendly

Ideal for small acreage farms and eat modest amounts of food

Raised for their soft, unique fleece; shear once a year

Originally from the Andes Mountains in South America

Adaptable to Wisconsin weather

About 130 to 200 pounds in weight

Members of the camelid family; related to camels and llamas

A joy for people who spend time around them
Naturally non-allergenic; safe on sensitive skin

Made into yarn or felt; can be woven, knit, crocheted

Made into fabulously warm, beautiful clothing

Hollow fiber, increasing the insulating qualities

DID YOU KNOW..... There is no lanolin in alpaca fiber?

Alpaca does not have the "itch" factor of sheep wool?

An alpaca generates 4 to 10 pounds of fleece each year?

There are two types of alpacas?

There are two types of alpacas: Huacayas (wah-KI'-ya) and Suris ("surrey"). The main difference between the two types is the fleece appearance. Huacaya fleece has an airy, fluffy look with wavy or crimp-like characteristics. Suri fleece has no crimp, appearing silky, hanging down against the body in locks.

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