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About Us

Lindago Farms ~ Go Beautiful !!

Linda Galow is licensed in Art Education (Pre K-12) and an alpaca fiber enthusiast.

Keith Orcutt's background and knowledge of farming is essential to the success of our alpaca farm operation.

Lindago Farms is a prime example of a small, select farm by choice and design. We promote low-tech farm practices while actively participating with industry events to keep us on the leading edge of successful farming.

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Linda buys a pair of alpaca gloves in an import store. She is very impressed with the qualities of the fiber. This introduction to alpaca sparks an interest in the animals as well as the fiber.

1980’s and 1990’s
Interest increases for alpaca fiber, fiber arts and textiles. Linda’s mother, Elizabeth, is an accomplished knitter; her stepfather, Peter, spins yarn featuring various wools, experimental fibers, and dog hair; creates original fiber art wall hangings for private and business displays.

Keith and Linda begin their search, travel to shows, attend seminars, collect info, purchase property and prepare to start an alpaca farm of their own.

Thoughtfully selected and purchased two female huacayas to begin their alpaca farm adventure. One of the girls is pregnant and the cria (baby alpaca) is due in spring 2007. Linda’s co-workers throw her a baby shower! The theme was "Have you HERD the news?!"

Linda attends Camelydynamics training with Marty McGee Bennett in Ohio.

Lindago Farms hosts its first open house event - Party In The Pasture - in response to the neighbors questions and wonder --- "What is all this fencing for?" "What’s an alpaca?", and "What do you do with them?"

Sunshine, temps in the lower 80's and an outdoor folk band create the perfect day. My wonderful, longtime friend, Terri Grobe and Mark arrive in time to help set up and paint signage into the wee hours of the morning..thx guys!! It was all worth it, wasn't it?

Welcome "Blue Chip"--- Keith and Linda’s first cria (baby alpaca) born on the farm; many more babies arrive in coming years.

Keith and Linda continue their educational opportunities.

A very chilly Open House- We 'Party In the Pasture' with temperatures in the low-mid 40’s which spikes interest in alpaca gloves/ mittens/scarves! We also invite select vendors to join us for the day…artists, natural pet nutrition, woodcrafts, fall produce. We welcome the Marquardt Family as we could not have had a successful day without their help before and during the event….and, I can add, every open house since!!

At this years’ open house Lindago Farms presents the debut of our mock Rhythm and Blues band---The Ruminating Blues--- as we sell our custom Concert Tour T-Shirts. The shirts feature all our alpacas' names and birthdates instead of cities and concert dates! Music for the Party In the Pasture is provided by a sound system playing classic R&B music--- great fun, very dance-able. This year we needed to expand our barn areas so we sold our 10yr old, homegrown pine trees to interested attendees (right out of the yard) to make room for fencing and another small barn!

Keith and Les, an alpaca farmer friend, begin a shearing business for other small Wisconsin alpaca farms such as their own. Keith learns the art of blade sharpening using the skill for his own shearing business, and begins to fulfill sharpening orders from other shearers around the area.

Keith attends Camelydynamics training with Marty McGee Bennett in WI.

Mother Nature makes her presence known at the open house; Party In the Pasture becomes a 'wind' event making for a wild day of wrestling tent posts to keep them in place. New this year-- we host our first fiber spinning demonstration; accomplished Spinner / Knitter and family friend Barb Dalke brings her spinning wheel, experience and talents. Also, Dave Dalke displays his wood carving expertise. It is very nice to welcome them this fall. The Parrish Family is a huge help with art activities, making refreshments, chasing blowing items as well as helping us out before the gathering.

National Alpaca Farm Days coincides with our Party In the Pasture open house event.

Weather this year was quite wet and rainy yet vendors, spinners, knitters kept everyone's spirits up.

Linda begins working regularly for the farm taking a break from teaching Art in the public school system.

Reiki energy work and training is incorporated to enhance health and further develop relationships between caregivers and animals.

No "Party" this year -- Stay tuned!!


Keith and Linda share their lives with a healthy herd of huacayas. This couple takes pride in giving their alpacas individual care and attention; they believe it is an honor to work with these amazing animals and help others learn about their unique qualities.

Lindago Farms alpacas are thoughtfully bred for desirable fleece qualities and temperament.

Currently three (3) generations of alpacas live on the farm.

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